What happens to home schooled kids?

But what’s going to happen to the children if they don’t go to school? What’s going to happen in the future, how are they ever going to get a job? That’s the burning question for parents considering home education and the one that we always used to get asked a lot.

Does it come as a surprise to learn that actually, they end up more or less in the same place as many of the children who do go to school?

We grew up with quite a range of children whilst we were home educating. And we were in contact with many more through various groups and networks. These increased in numbers enormously over the years ours were at home.

Their ages ranged from babies to teens. Our particular friends were between five and nine when we met them. The eldest are over twenty now. But they, and all the home educated kids I’ve heard about, have gone on to do a variety of things, quite normal things, which any child having been through school would have done.

Some went onto university after taking GCSEs and A Levels. They studied at home, often using distance course to help, and took exams as independent candidates in centres that cater for them. Some didn’t do these exams at home but went into sixth forms or Colleges of Further Education without difficulty. Some took alternative exams like BTECs or access qualifications and went onto university with those. Some didn’t do exams and opted not to go to uni but went into work or businesses.

So, as it turns out, what seemed to be a radical and extraordinary step for families at the outset still brought their children to the same outcome as their school going contemporaries. They just took a different path to get to the same place.

But it has never been a disadvantage not going to school. Because it’s a path that seemed to broaden their intellect, outlook, motivation and experience so much that the feedback from colleges, universities and employers seems to indicate that home schooled kids have qualities of character that somehow makes them stand out.

In this competitive employment market what better could you ask for?



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