Moon walking…


Mysterious Misty Moon By Charley

I’ve been inspecting the back of my hands for animal like hair. Because these last few nights I haven’t been able to sleep for the blooming moon and there are times I fear I might be related to a Werewolf!

When the moon is coming full like now, its effect on my sleep patterns is the same as a bucket of strong caffeine fizzing through my veins. I try and ignore it but once I’m aware of it blazing bright behind the curtains sleep is impossible.

It comes up through our front windows all warm and huge and apricot even before the last of the day’s light has burnt itself out. When I go up to bed it’s strong and high and is spilling silver across the strip of distant sea. As I toss and sleepless turn I sense it glowing outside and I can hear wild nightlife calling. By morning, it has moved right round to the other side of the house and is finally beginning to relinquish its command of the night to the dawn. Sod’s law I start to feel sleepy!

I thought I was the only one affected by the lure of a full moon but I found others are the same. And other parents have noted a similar effect on their children. Just like windy playtimes make children excited, maybe the moon has a similar effect. And although Wikipedia tells me there are no studies to show a link between lunar cycles and human behaviour, I still don’t believe my owl like tendencies when it’s full have nothing to do with it.

Other sites suggest that the moon is just an excuse for weird behaviour! Or it may well be that I am so fascinated by the brilliance of it that’s what’s making the difference more than a lunar pull. And that could be right. Or it could be that we are inexplicably linked to natural rhythms in ways we do not yet understand for it seems to pull my eyelids up as sure as it pulls the tides and I want to go walk in it.

But thankfully; still yet no animal hair!


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