Making it a personal statement…

It’s Personal Statement writing time again in this house. Groan!!!

Since we don’t possess the ‘normal’ fistful of certificates (not that this stopped us before) we want to make this statement stand out. But then doesn’t everyone?

How utterly boring it must be for Unis to read thousands of statements every year and how often do they get one that shows a glimmer of something different or original? This is perhaps where home educated kids have a bit of advantage.

“So how are you going to make yours stand out? Are you going to mention home education? How do you think that’s helped you?” I asked my teen.

“Well, I haven’t been cloned by a curriculum,” she retorted straight away.

Wow! Does she really think like that or has she just been with her mother too long?

“Great phrase,” I said. “But what do you really mean?”

“Well, when I thought about it I reckon other kids always have to think in the way teachers and examiners want them to think. I have the confidence to think for myself. I just notice some young people don’t seem to know their own minds, it’s like they have to be told what to do all the time.”

“Yea, but it’s probably because they’ve kind of been trained to do that by schooling.”

“It’s only recently that I’ve had to think about what tutors and examiners want, and work to that,” she continued. “But I can bring my own ideas to that. I haven’t had to put up with that all my life, haven’t been conditioned from a young age.”

“Mmmmm! Haven’t you been conditioned by us then?” I asked ever one to provoke an inquiring and independent discussion, something that home schooling gives you the time for.

“No, I’ve only been conditioned to know my own mind and to think as an individual, not what everyone else is thinking.”

Yea – and it’s been bloody annoying at times, I thought!

Maybe that’s one part of her home education we did too well, but I think it will stand her in good stead for the Personal Statement. I don’t think I need to worry about her not having plenty to say that may well stand out!



5 thoughts on “Making it a personal statement…

  1. As a university lecturer I read many, many personal statements every year. Whilst teachers are right to ‘scaffold’ students in writing their personal statements it is difficult for teachers to facilitate the appropriate balance of writing with confidence with originality and independent thought. Of course, the constraints of the curriculum and the ‘teaching to the test’ / league tables that dominate schools have much to answer for.

    Certainly any statement that can demonstrate originality is welcomed at university level and home educated children may well have the edge – personally I hope to see more of them!

  2. ‘Cloned by a curriculum’ — love it!!
    Totally agree with the ‘independent thinker’ bit — no one warned me how so very bloody annoying it can be!!! ;o)
    Would love to read the end result, if she doesn’t mind sharing.

  3. Love it! I’ve often said that the thing about bringing up your children to be independent thinkers and make their own decisions is that they bloomin’ well think independently and make their own decisions!! Sounds like the personal statement is going to stand out though 🙂

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