Contrary to critics…

Two fairly normal grown up home educators!

Facebook isn’t my thing really. But it was thanks to Facebook I was back in touch with a former home educator who we used to do activities with sometimes. Our families met at a birthday party when we were very first home educating and all the issues and concerns were raw and sharp. Perhaps not as sharp as the concerns we had over their schooling at the time, but still a worry.

Our children were nine, eight and six then and Facebook wasn’t very big. They are twenty one, nineteen and seventeen now! We couldn’t even have dreamed of being here; one finished with uni, one at uni, one at college.

And I just wanted to say that our home educated children seemed to have defied all our critics one of whom accused us of creating jobless, homeless, witless, no-hopers that the taxpayer would be supporting.

Because home educated children are none of the above, they do get good grades and achieve things. There’s proof; ours have, so have their home educated friends. They can be out in the world, integrate, interact competently and achieve. They are doing. They are employable – more so than many school kids because of their broad social experiences through home educating – they are intelligent, they are motivated to work. And above everything else they are completely normal.

These are all contrary to the criticisms we faced. You’d have thought we were breeding monsters if you believed some people.

Thought I’d mention it in case any home educators among you were facing harsh judgemental criticisms by people who have as in-depth an experience of the subject as I have of living in space.

And probably through Facebook you’ll be able to pass it on and people will begin to realise that home educating families are as normal and mainstream as all families. And their children, as all do, have much to contribute to the world.

7 thoughts on “Contrary to critics…

  1. I just wanted to say that posts like this are so very helpful to those of us who are at an earlier stage of our home educating journey. I know my daughter sometimes finds it hard when people are openly critical of our decision, particularly if they happen to be people she cares about. So, Thank you for writing.

  2. Well said Ross!!! Am now in a position of experience (with Gordon being at college) to say I totally agree with you! Gordon seems to have integrated well at college, is thoroughly enjoying his course and volunteered to be the class rep for the student council as no one else was keen to. He’s out there showing that a home-educated child, with no ‘paper’ (ie: exams) to supposedly ‘prove his worth’, is doing as well as, if not better than his schooled peers. 😀

    The best thing, I think, with being home-educated — both boys aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in, and don’t see any reason to have to bow to peer pressure.

    Btw, is that a pix of your girls? How gorgeous are they?!?

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