One freaky dog!

Nothing like a good swim in the tide for washing the dog’s knickers! And when she climbs out she gives a good shake, usually near enough to give me a splattering of muddy water too. This is when I took this freaky picture. If you click on it and enlarge it you’ll see what I mean.

I’d walked out on the marshes on an afternoon so beautiful I felt like throwing myself in the creeks along with her. But since I can use the washing machine for my knickers I decided against it. It was fantastic out there; endless empty space , no traffic, no noise, no disturbances except the rush of the water and the wing noise of thousands of migrating wading birds sweeping overhead. Huge helpings of distance to rest screen tired eyes on.

A tonic better than any pills.

I was reluctant to walk back to civilisation again but the shivering dog persuaded me. And just to prove we’re not harbouring some kind of freaky marsh creature here’s what she normally looks like: 


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