Not just for the Littlies

You tend to think of home schooling as an approach for young children only.

But some families choose to home educate much later in their child’s school career. Some not until they are teenagers, when school can be so drastically inappropriate for their older needs. We had friends whose children came out of school in their teens, did their exams independently and went on to university. And others who home schooled for a short while, returning to school later. All these approaches seem to have worked. And illustrate how it’s possible to educate to the child’s needs, not to the needs of an institution. Although schools would try and tell us that miss school and you miss the chance of a life, which is tosh!

The Film Club by David Gilmour is a moving book about one father who decided that he needed to pull his fifteen year old out of school because he was going to drop out anyway and his radical approach to switching him back onto learning. It’s not so much a book about home education as an insightful account of the anguish we all feel over our developing teens. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one struggling to cope with a young person who is at a stage of life most difficult to guide and parent. It’s so beautifully observed and incredibly thought provoking, especially as to what is education anyway? A book to open minds. My favourite kind!

You’ll find details here: and details of an interview about the book with him and his son on YouTube.




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