Not back to school picnic

Not all kids are going back to school this week. The home schoolers will be continuing their education out of school. And many groups will be meeting again after the summer break to celebrate with a ‘Not back to school’ picnic.

It’s a great way to start the ‘term’. You get to meet others, discuss concerns and worries, find groups of kids for yours to interact with during the day, feel supported by a community of others doing the same as you, and generally celebrate a different approach to education.

This is one of the advantages of belonging to a network of home educators like Education Otherwise. Or an online forum of other parents who home educate.

When we started home educating, we hadn’t even got the Internet out here yet! So to meet others we had had to cold call. But now you can easily find other home educating networks by doing a search. You will be able to keep in touch with others, find support, organise activities and group get togethers via the Internet and social networking.

So if you’re worried you’re the only person in the world considering home education as an alternative to sending your child back to school this morning, think again. There are thousands of parents who are already home schooling and many will be celebrating this week with a Not Back To School picnic!


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