The hum of contented beings…

 It’s like being transported back to our home education days. The table is strewn with a multitude of bits from the camera my daughter’s dismantling. With the occasional tinkling on tiles as bits drop.She did a lot of dismantling whilst we were home educating. And learnt a lot from it. This didn’t necessarily include putting it all back together again, but that aside it gave her a real insight into the workings of things, how things are put together, constructing her own. It developed her mind and her imagination, her thinking skills and her concentration. And she’s the one we turn to when things aren’t working properly and she usually has a few ideas to get it going again.

Had she been stuck in school day after day she wouldn’t have had time for these kinds of non-curricular, investigative activities that develop minds far more than any Key Stage Objective.

Admittedly, they tend to die out a bit in term time now she’s at college doing more specialised courses. But on the summer break she’s returning to old pursuits and the house returns to that familiar home school atmosphere with stuff-strewn table tops, the buzz of activity, mysteriously disappearing tools and materials and the pain of stepping on tiny screws in bare feet. Best of all is the hum of contented beings.

If you don’t experience the hum of contented beings when your kids are at school maybe you should consider home educating and changing their tune.

Have you heard the saying by Henry David Thoreau; “If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away. “ 

Every time I read this I think about all those amazing and successful home educators who heard of a different learning approach and, having lost faith with school ways, are stepping to a different rhythm. And generally their children contentedly hum.


2 thoughts on “The hum of contented beings…

  1. Is that a pix of your daughter? So cute & what concentration! Reminds me of my second son (14), he loves to take things apart too & he’ll put them back together so long as dad helps.

    Though that attitude did get him into trouble at school; had to go see the headmaster when he was 6 for stopping up the sink with toilet paper — wanted to see what would happen when he filled up the sink with water! Didn’t really help when I saw the funny side of it *lol*

    And I know exactly what you mean about the hum of contented beings, what a lovely way to put it 😀

    Hope you’re enjoying the summer, it must be specatular over there in your neck of the woods, so close to nature. xx

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