Big butterfly count



Why am I standing in a bunch of thistles with a book in my hand? I’m doing the Butterfly count.

I thought all we got round here was white ones and tatty brownish ones. You see, I’m not used to identifying that many varieties because where we live they’ve all got sprayed to death. But I realise that now so many different species are returning to this arable landscape that was once raped to within an inch of its natural existence I needed a book to help me identify them all. And I saw at least six different species just by standing still for fifteen minutes by a patch of thistles, nettles, brambles and everything else we consider waster, one sunny afternoon whilst the dinner burned.

I got that excited I recorded my findings on the butterfly count website. It’s well worth having a go if you’ve got fifteen minutes to spare – it’s great quiet time – and you can find a patch of nature wherever you are. Although after tasting the dinner, I guess it might be better to choose a different time slot than I did in which to do it!


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