Loose Women – Loose Parents!

Education can’t make up for poor parenting. But sometimes I think that’s what’s expected.

Yesterday, I dropped down in front of the late edition of Loose Women.


They were asking if it was realistic to teach children that happiness wasn’t based on having ‘stuff’, after an item in the news about the UK considering factors for a National Well being Index!


One of the women immediately said that children’s ideas about having stuff was down to education, the implication being schools. What gets me is the fact that there is something that actually comes before education. And that’s parenting.

PARENTING has a great deal to do with children’s education before they ever get to school, as well as during their time there, and no matter how brilliant the school – and I have no love of schools – it still cannot make up for poor parenting.

Parenting is the first and foremost influence on children, their attitudes, their beliefs, their education and future achievement. Schools struggle to make up for the lack of it. And they’ll never replace parental influence however much you think your kids love their teachers!

Besides, parents are as responsible for their children’s education as schools are. Home educating parents take this really seriously and opt to educate without school. But actually, all parents have just as great a responsibility. And education and parenting are so interdependent one cannot be really successful without the other.

I believe the impact we can have through the way we parent can change worlds. (There’s more on this on my page; ‘The most valuable thing you’ll ever do’).

That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to our parenting and for us to think about our own attitudes and behaviour. To pay attention to the way we are and what that says to our kids. And what attitudes we have to life, learning and ‘having stuff’.

Looking to ourselves and tidying up our own act is the best possible way we can parent. Both to be a good parent and in support of education – whatever form that takes!


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