School’s out

Whoopie! The schools have broken up. I’m not even in school and I can still feel the sense of celebration for all the little cloistered souls let out on a summer’s day. Feel for all the teachers beginning their convalescence! I know there are many, parents among them, that groan at the prospect of kids being out of school but why have kids if you don’t like them around? And all children are the future of our world, whether we’ve given birth to them or not. We need to cherish them!

When we were home educating we would all welcome the break from thinking education all the time. But we seemed to be just as busy; the kids always wanted to do something.

When I worked in schools and end of term came I thought I’d lie in every morning to recover. But the first morning I’d be up at 5am riding before the world was awake. It’s magic sometimes to see a fresh new day before everything else clutters it up. And later we’d go out for picnics where we’d enjoy some of the simplest things together. For it is quite often the simplest things that bring the deepest sense of happiness.

No amount of organised holidays, parties, gaming or online networking surpasses the deep rooted contentment that you can sometimes find outdoors. Yet it can easily go unnoticed when we’re striving for something other. Just noticing a summer sky stacked with clouds, the rippling bark on a tree, a cluster of flowers growing from a crevice in a garden wall, or a moment’s breath of birdsong, can sometimes transport an ordinary day into an uplifted one. And it’s noticing those available moments and piecing them together that make an uplifted life. Not two weeks in Majorca.

Perhaps that’s what kids should be learning; that to get outside into parks and natural spaces that are often in walking distance can bring them as much fulfilment as the latest commercial hook. And I do so hope that over the next six weeks children everywhere get away from those classroom walls and screen habits and discover that for themselves.


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