How does school wound?

How Does School Wound? I came across this mind blowing article today.

It’s American but it could just as easily been talking about children in Britain who I feel are having their creativity, their mind, and their potential crushed by the schooling system.

I know it’s not all bad in schools. Many kids really thrive and achieve. But far too many don’t. Far too many are left wallowing in a sea of time wasting learning objectives and testing that are as useful to them as a concrete spacesuit.

There are quite a few articles on this Freedom To Learn blog. that are worth a look and opening our minds to.

Opening our minds might make us less complacent about what is happening to our children under the guise of schooling them. The more we understand, the more we can help our children achieve whether in school or home schooling. The more likely we are to help create a nurturing learning environment, through our demands and through our choices, which will enable our children to grow and develop each in their individual way. Which is exactly what education is for!


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