Why I’m all wet!

The children aren’t the only ones who are stimulated to work by being outdoors as I was talking about in my post ‘should more lessons be outside?’ It works for me too. And there’s nothing like a good ducking to clear the crap!

I was sitting in comfort at the laptop, getting nowhere, showers tippling down outdoors. But decided to give up and go out in it anyway. And it only takes a few strides down the lane for the ideas to come flooding in faster than the storms across the landscape. I head for the trees to shelter and scribble, while drips steal down my neck and raindrops blur the ink. The dog stands dejectedly not appreciating the delay.

But the physicality of it seems to work for me every time. And I can’t help my mind slipping back to all the children imprisoned in classrooms, told to sit still and write their stories, when a good belt round the playground and stretching out with their exercise books and pencils on the playing fields would probably produce a lot more. The home educators among you will know what I’m talking about!

I scribble until the paper’s all wet and the bored dog’s dug a hole and showered my feet with soggy soil to get my attention. The shower flows across like the words on the page, the light stuff emerges, the trees drip in the returned silence and the birds begin to sing again. So I resume my walk with a page filled with ideas to take back to the computer, a couple of photos and soil filled shoes.

My only hope is that my smudged notes are still legible. Because they’ll be far better than anything I wrote before hand whilst sitting still!


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