Practising cream teas…

I’ve just been on holiday. It was lovely but really weird, as it was the first without either of our offspring.

I kept seeing things I wanted to point out to them, and planning activities or posing questions. You see, once you’re a home educator you’re always a home educator however old they are. Even holidays have educational possibilities not to be wasted. But then all life was like that with home educating – life and learning indistinct from one another, as they are in real life anyway. Learning in real life is not compartmentalised like in schools. You see something new – you get on with finding out about it. Don’t need key stages in order to learn stuff – you just learn. Home educating is exactly like that. And just like parenting really; it never ends whatever age your young people become.

Every experience educates. And the best ones of all were the ones where the children were hardly aware of it, sometimes even on holiday.

But now I’ve had my break I’m very much aware of something I need to learn; how to have a holiday without my home education/parenting hat on! I think I need to go straight back again and practise very hard over the cream teas.


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