A walk for each season

A few months ago I was walking through here slithering on the frozen ground and crunching ice underfoot. I was seeking shelter, huddled in my layers from the force of the driving snow so fierce I didn’t want to be out in the open.

Look at it now. The path is festooned with ruffles of cow parsley, the canopy the most luscious green and the blue sky above is puffed with flounces of cloud synonymous of weddings. When I come out into the open fields again the air is as balmy as silk and Larks toss down song like sound confetti.

I think I need a picture for each season so I can remind myself of them passing and make sure I savour each one!


4 thoughts on “A walk for each season

  1. Wow! I am totally transported by your photograph. It has really inspired me. I thin you should take up photography. I demand more!

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