Provision for children with special needs

I know some of you who come here are parents of children with particular learning needs that are not addressed in schools. So I thought you might be interested to see this by journalist Jessica Shepherd on the Guardian website today…

Questions for Sarah Teather

What would you like me to ask the minister for children and families?

Sarah Teather is minister for children and families and the only Liberal Democrat in Michael Gove’s Department for Education.

I am going to interview her next week on what can be done to improve provision for children with special needs.

The government’s green paper, published in March, proposed that parents should be given a personal budget and decide for themselves how their children with special needs are catered for.

But special needs experts have other concerns. They fear special needs such as dyslexia, autism or behavioural problems are not being identified early enough in children, particularly among those aged five and under.

Many teachers are ignorant about special needs, they argue. And cuts to local authorities may undermine the services available to parents. Tell me what questions you would like me to put to Sarah Teather.


You can go to the site here: and leave your question in the comments section. Let’s do all we can to get things changed for children whose needs are neglected in schools.


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