The school I’d like…

I came across this fascinating article today about the type of school children would like.

What struck me straight away is that kids seem to want the kind of education that most home educating families feel very strongly should be provided for them. Namely one in which their educational experience is ‘tailored to them’. The article also says that ‘sausage machine schooling with a one-size-fits-all schedule is their biggest complaint’.

Fancy that! It’s what home educators have been saying for years.

The parallels between what the children are saying they want provided for them in school and what many home educators provide in a home school environment is uncanny. Things like personal comfort, skills for living, stimulation, flexibility to name but a few. It’s well worth a read.

Children have an incredible insight into what they need and what is right for them, even though most parents don’t want to acknowledge that fact. Many pioneering home educators are already providing it. It seems it’s just the government who is lagging behind!


3 thoughts on “The school I’d like…

  1. I remember reading this article, very insightful, I especially liked the music instead of bells at break time idea!
    Do you mind me asking if you and your children follow any sort of curriculum or do you tend to follow a more informal/autonomous route?

  2. We had a similer questionair in our own school. It wasn’t run by any exturnal sauce, it was just something the top teachers sent out. And the thing that ended up being the most wanted thing was a teacher that could control the class and catch our interest. It’s amazing how few of them can actualy get a class to listen and do the work. I’v walked out of a room before and they didn’t notise! I think that’s what makes a good school, it’s not the grades they get at the end, its wheather or not the students feel as thou they’ve learnt anything, if they’ve enjoyed their time there and have been inspired by the staff there. I’d rather go to a school that cares about the people and doesn’t get as good results, than one that get’s amazing results, but the people they turn out are horrible. School is about growth, the school should be teaching people to funcshion in the world, not just to ace their exams.

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