A great collective goodness

How lovely was the wedding day! I don’t mean the pomp and ceremony, the dress or the bridesmaids. What I mean is the great collective gladness that moved the nation. I couldn’t help but sense it.

I wasn’t planning to watch it, but had it on whilst in front of the computer working at duller things. However, the joy of it was infectious. Especially after the cut backs and unemployment and the weight of gloomy prospects that have oppressed the nation recently. It was joyous to have a programme radiating happiness for a change. And whatever I felt about unnecessary expense and extravagance, when many of us can’t even afford a decent holiday let alone a wedding, all that was soothed away by the united sense of celebration coming from the people.

Maybe this great collective goodness can uplift us from the negativity of chaffing politics that has depressed us lately. Return us to an outlook of positivity and hope. Shift the nation forward again despite hard times. And perhaps remind us that it is actually its people, not its politics, who have the power to change the fortunes of the country. And maybe even their happiness is the most powerful tool of all!


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