Rebirthed by sunshine and chocolate…

What a fabulous Easter break. I’m rebirthed by sunshine and chocolate!

I’ve spent much of it in the garden. Not entirely upright I’ll admit; sometimes supine on sweet smelling grass reading and inevitably writing, sucking in the scent of the lilac and trying not to look at the weeding. At other times nurturing the plants into some kind of shape and trying to establish a bit of control over the areas lightly called borders.

This is the time of the year I’m on top of the garden, before the head high nettles and galloping grass roots triumph over my attempts to keep some kind of order. At the moment I can still see bare patches of soil just crying out for a plant or two. In another month everything will be jostling for space with dandelions and goosegrass grabbing my ankles whenever I go near.

The sparrows gossip about housing from the barn roof and the warbler sings invisibly from the overgrown hedges round the adjacent fields. The cat gives me a wowl of greeting then stretches out on the warm garden path too sun lazy to catch anything.

Then I’m aware there’s another sound above. The liquid chittering of swallows sounding as excited to be back as I am to see them. Those magnificent forked tailed birds have arrived for the season all the way from Africa just to be in my garden and feed and nest and breed. Despite the thousands of miles they’ve just travelled they swoop about the blue as if they do it for fun and instil a sense of summer about the day. They will be playing on the wing right until autumn is knocking at the door and all this greedy green growth will be turning subtly into auburn.

It’s a sure and comforting reminder that whatever else is happening in our lives; cuts, politics, wars, even weddings, the unstoppable cycle of evolution gradually and inevitably makes everything change. And the beauty of change is, however up or down or even sideways we are, there always exists the opportunity for renewal and fresh aspects of life to grow.


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