Why do we need to celebrate mothers?


Mother’s Day yesterday. A celebration of mothers. But I wonder if most people ever examine or understand the need to celebrate them. The trend of politics and societal attitudes tends to suggest not.

We so underestimate the impact mums have – on the whole of the world. We tend to disregard them as mindless buggy pushers blocking shop doorways. Or mental puddings who’ve stepped from mainstream work to ‘stay at home’; that phrase being loaded with innuendo suggesting lesser mortals.

And those of us who have got the impression of mums as emotional weaklings who have taken the soft option have got it completely arse about face.

Because mothers are the mainstay of our society, the backbone, both the roots and the earth. They have strength which parallels, probably exceeds, that needed for the workplace and the mental capacity to make multitasking and decision making an intellectual art.

They are the ones who ultimately hold everyone up, the one who family generally revolves around, and are usually the hub of a home. They are the ones who mostly bring up the children and but that’s not just about kids. We need to look beyond that to appreciate that mothers are actually bringing up the next generation of beings who are in charge of this planet, who will govern and discover and invent, who will know how to take care of and show others how to care, who will be ultimately be responsible for the destiny of the earth. That’s what mother’s do when they take care of the children, the home and the family. They are raising and educating future mothers and men too.

Not only do they do that but they also support men in ways in which men never see, or want to see. Men may like to see women as emotional blubber machines and as their dependants, but more often than not it’s the other way round. Not only do men depend on their own mothers but many often depend on the mother of their own children too. Many men have a better working life because of the support they have from the mothers of their children, even when the mothers are out working as well. Most men look to women to support them in their working lives, in their home lives, in creating their lives. Few of them take that on to the extent women do.

So perhaps we need to celebrate mothers not only on Mother’s Day but each and every day. For it is not only the hunter-gatherer who is the mainstay of life it is also, and maybe even more so, the mothers!


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