There are no cuts on Love!

I normally put the news on while I’m chomping through my muesli.

Not any more. With the doom and gloom about cuts every morning it’s a bit like self harm. What with that and the politics I can feel my hopes for the future bleeding away from me as if I’d slashed my wrists. You kind of get the feeling that the government wishes that anyone not in their magnificent income bracket had; then they wouldn’t have to worry about us.

My blood’s pumped out even faster by my anger over the fact that the decisions about how the poorer working classes are going to have to manage on even less than their already inadequate income in order to do their bit for the country are made by those who are hardly going to be affected by it at all. How convenient is that for them?

We are all going to have to be inventive about how we manage financially in the way my mum was after the war. We’ll have to ‘keep calm and carry on’ and ‘make do and mend’ as she used to say. We’ll have to make our own entertainment like Charles and me dancing round the kitchen to eighties radio whilst our beef burgers cooked (poor man’s answer to roast beef). And chuck a throw from a charity shop over the old settee, rather than be hoodwinked by persuasive advertising into believing that having a new sofa now and paying for it when it’s all old and soiled in two years time is a good idea! The charity shops will have a boom.

But there’s something else we’ll have to be careful with too. We’ll have to be very careful that the current squeeze on finance doesn’t also put a squeeze on love, as hard times are apt to do. Most of us may have to be really economical with money. But we can splash out on love all we want.

Nice thought that, to focus on, rather than putting the cutting news on in a morning!


2 thoughts on “There are no cuts on Love!

  1. Love can turn to hate so easily when families and couples face the stress of not being able to pay the bills and feed the children. On a brighter note however, I also feel that when something drastic happens, as it is with our economy at the moment, love can flourish amongst families and neighbours. The other thing that seems to happen is that peoples’ creativity can erupt like a volcano. I seriously believe that that is going to happen. I think that we will see new scenes and movements in music, art, literature, theatre and film. I hope that I am not proved wrong.

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