Don’t Call Me Stupid

Yesterday BBC Three repeated the brilliant programme by Kara Tointon called ‘Don’t Call Me Stupid’  which I blogged about before throughout November and December (see previous blogs). But I wanted to bring attention again to all the stories and comments people have left about their own experiences of dyslexia, mostly here: and some on the other entries too. There are stories of struggle and neglect, but also such heart warming attempts to overcome the difficulties that dyslexia presents.

I’m afraid I haven’t had time to reply to them all personally but wanted you all to know how much I appreciate the time taken to comment and add your support for others. There is clearly a need to continue to raise awareness and find approaches in schools that prevent the kind of harm being done to children that is described here.

Dyslexia was one of the reasons we, and other families like us, opted to home educate. But home education is not the national answer. Change to the education system is what we really need. Change in people’s bigoted attitudes towards those who don’t take to reading and writing. Change in teachers’ understanding. Change that will accommodate the needs and abilities of all children not just a select few who have no difficulty with print.

It is only by continual exposure and discussion that this will happen. By folks shouting out loud that current schooling neglects and sometimes destroys the educational potential of so many young people. By people talking instead of hanging their head with the shame they have been made to feel by others. Not being able to read is not a question of shame or a question of intelligence – it is simply a skill. Some people find the skill of drawing hard but we don’t call them stupid! Thanks be to people like Kara for bringing it out in the open and for her enlightening programme.  

I do hope that everyone will keep talking and keep shouting for change.

Best wishes to you all!


8 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Stupid

  1. my husband is dyslexic and we searched for anyone that could try to help nobody wanted to help we then came across a place via my sons school kipp mcgrath they have really helped him when others said he was just lazy and not dyslexic

  2. Spec savers opticians offer this service in some of their centres. that is what my optician informed me during my last eye test 2011

  3. Hi I am a mother of a 10 year old dyslectic, and was wondering where I may find courses that Kara attended or similar for him on managing life skills. I would like him to attend so he is more confident for secondary school in September. Does anyone know of any at all? and also if any are held in Wiltshire although we will travel for them if necessary. Thanks Feel free to email me if you have any info at all many thanks

      • I watched the programme and was particlarly interested in the part where she went to the optician who showed how different tints seemed to help kara see the words more clearly .
        where could I find more about this particular aspect of Dyslexia.


  4. The diary Kara used on the programme would be a revelation to my students. Does anyone know if they are available to buy? If so please let me know. Thanks.

  5. hi.
    I have just watched kara tointons, don’t call me stupid with amazement as she could have been talking about my 9 year old son, however he has been tested for dyslexia which they say came back fine but after was tested for a condition called irlan syndrom. I can find very little about this and i am becoming increasingly frustrated. is there anybody out there who could help me learn a bit more about this.

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