Homemade Christmas

It  used to be great at Christmas when we were home educating. It involved masses of craft activities and everything was sprinkled with a liberal helping of glitter. They children seemed to have the philosophy of the-more-the-better where glitter was concerned, excitedly pouring little mountains of it onto the waiting globs of glue. One cough and every ledge, crevice, cup and even the cat would be covered in it. We all looked like we had shining dandruff!

I thought when glitter glue came out we would get on better, but that sticks to your clothing even worse and once there is totally unmovable. Besides, it’s not nearly so much fun as sprinkling dry glitter from a jar bigger than a pepper pot with as much gusto as Jamie Oliver with seasoning!

I miss all that now. Not only the craft but the glitter charged dust too. It almost isn’t Christmas without making things. But kids grow up, pour scorn on such activities when there are mates to text and screens to stare at and shopping to do on the Internet.

My eldest has just come home for Christmas from uni and what does she want to do? Make things. Not only that, she brings me a gift of home made decorations. And we have a happy weekend sitting by the fire cutting and snipping, sewing and cooking, and spreading glittery bits across the carpet. And swapping thoughts on Kirsty’s homemade Chrsitmas. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/kirstie-and-phils-perfect-christmas

They may be a bit more upmarket than us and our efforts may be more squashy than their perfections but so what? If my kids still recognise within themselves our innate need to be creative then perfect isn’t important. And what better time to express it than at Christmas. Items made at home are inevitably made with love. And that is something which just cannot be bought off the Internet!


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