Wills and Kate.

Just when I was feeling it’s too depressing to watch the news and wonder how to cope with yet another cut in income and we get some wonderful news for a change; a royal wedding!


Something in contrast to the depressing deprivation many of the subjects of their majesties are suffering!

We could all do with a love story. And some brightness for the future even if it isn’t actually our own! Some news to uplift our budget filled lives.

I’m trying not to dwell on how much will be spent on this wedding whilst we worry how much we can spend on our daily bread! And how cushioned they are from what the rest of us have to endure right now, whose futures look a bit black and penniless and whose children are going to be left a legacy of debt if they want to educate themselves into better lives. I can’t help feeling that the prospect of an expensive wedding looks a bit vulgar and inappropriate.

But you know what? I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Where every touch, kiss or twitch is publicly analysed. What a strain their love will always be under. We may be hard pressed to raise a penny or two but at least our love is free. Wills and Kate have to pay in lack of privacy for theirs!

May they be blessed with its survival.


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