Rural Life: winter wild things!

I’m trying not to even think Christmas yet, but there’s nothing that makes me feel more Christmassy than the Wild Geese.

The begin to arrive in hundreds. Long V shaped skeins of them flying over the cottage and honking excitedly as if they can suddenly see their destination out over the marshes. At first there are just a few. But gradually over the Autumn weeks more and more arrive until we see from the upstairs windows a huge flock of them collected in the field.

I went out early this morning across the frost to see them before I settle to the computer. The first semi sphere of sun was only just shrugging off cloudy wraps from its shoulders and lifting into a sharpening blue sky.

And there they were, hundreds, heads down, grazing, unaware of me walking slowly across the field towards them. But they spotted the dog and such a chattering starts up as they raise the alarm, raise their necks the better to watch us, then suddenly the word goes round and there’s a wonderful roar of wings as they lift.

With a flash of the lighter feathers on their rumps they circle and sweep low overhead, dotting the clear blue ceiling with a myriad of crosses. Then they drift out towards the silt sands in long stretched out lines calling and talking like excited children, turn again and sweep back towards me, circle once more and settle a little further off warily watching until I move away.

There is nothing so awesome than the company of a thousand wild things. I shall have that treat on and off all winter. What an inspirational spectacle with which to start a day!


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