Rural Life: Thundering heaven!

Rural idyll this may be but it’s wild days like today that I see the advantages of living in a nice sheltered city where I’m less aware of the gales!

The wind roars louder than an angry football crowd and thunders on the roof as if it would be in. It shakes the hedges and the house and the tall old tree, bending it right down towards the electric and telephone wires. The wild geese and the seagulls dot the fields with white as they stand feathers ruffled and huddled together close to the ground till the wind abates. And the lane is so submerged under puddles and lakes it’s like driving along in a boat. I have to go extra slowly not just because of the water but because I can’t see where the potholes are!

From the upstairs window the distant waves actually look higher than the sea wall but I try and console myself this is just an illusion. I also try and console myself with the thought that this old house has stood gales like this for years and soon rural calm will be restored. I hope without the electric and phone line going down.

Meanwhile though, despite my heaven being in the country, it is very tempting to jump in the car, brave the floods on the lane and hole up in the nearest Costa where the sounds of the town drown out this disconcerting roar!


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