Proper job!

I don’t know whether it’s the same for all mad people like me who write but whenever I have a day or two’s break from it I feel an increasing sense of terror!

It’s like driving off the M25 into the services and worrying whether you’ll ever get back into the traffic flow again. This is exactly what it feels like when I stop!

Over the last few days with my daughters at home I’ve not given any of my writing projects a thought. Now, when I confront it again, there’s that terrifying thought that I’ll never be able to write another word.

I force my way back into a project that was surging along like a tidal flow before, to find I’m grounded on a sand bank like a certain submarine. Knock my brain about a bit with blogging to see if I can rub off some of the writing rust. And procrastinate with house work – my husband knows I’m stressed when he finds me doing housework!

And I wonder how many more writers there are out there who are doing just the same. Who have sudden urges to tidy. To whom even cleaning the toilet has a surprisingly magical appeal in contrast to discovering that you cannot think of a word to say!

It’s times like this you just wish you had a proper job!


2 thoughts on “Proper job!

  1. Ah, the good old diversionary tactics we all do so well! Quite ironic when we LOVE writing but suddenly find the possibility of housework more appealing than writing… I read your book Learning Without School – it is beautifully written. It’s hard to believe you could have writer’s block!

  2. OMG!! Tell me about it, Ross! I was doing just fine, my muse was with me, the writing was flowing… fell ill & find that my muse is now on extended R&R!!! Though I must admit that it takes much more than that to get me to succumb to housework *L* I just waste my time doing loads of other time-wasting things, like re-arranging my notebooks! Fingers crossed, you get back into the writing-flow soon. xx

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