Back in the home school nest!


It’s half term and I love it! That’s because our two daughters are back here again full time and I use it as a little holiday, the like of which those who work at home don’t usually take.

Although I do have a tendency to go back into home schooling mode with ‘come on, get off the settee and do something’ even though they’re far too old to be bossed about by their mum. But I have sense of duty! Also to drop back into a driven campaign to stuff them full of fresh vegetables and nutritious meals with tales of shining hair and healthy nails when they already have that anyway, as they point out! And we laugh together over my petty instructions which I really should have grown out of by now.

‘For goodness sake, stop cracking your knuckles. You’ll get arthritis when you’re old’.

‘I won’t. I saw it on QI. Apparently some guy did some research and cracked his knuckles on one hand till he was seventy and he didn’t’, she told me.

‘I don’t believe it,’ I say. ‘And I’m going to live to hundred just so I can say ‘I told you so’’. This is how petty I’m becoming in attempts to hang onto the last strings of control!

We sit and cringe together over the Jeremy Kyle show and learn more from that than we do from QI! And we have outings together in local towns our eldest once couldn’t wait to get away from and scour the charity shops looking for the bargains. She picks up a vintage jacket for £4.50. ‘This would be forty quid back home’. Really? Living in the back of beyond does have advantages then!

Then all too soon they’re back off to their grown up lives leaving me missing the bubbles of laughter that ring through the house and the silly jokes. But just feeling so full of pride and admiration for them. Not to mention content that they’re all set up again with lots of love, lots of very valuable advice and probably lots of wind from all the vegetables!


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