Home educated kids rock!

I had a lovely afternoon with one of my best friends on Friday with whom we’ve shared most of our home educating journey. We don’t get to meet as often as we’d like now since our children are moving on beyond the homeschool world.

We were reminiscing on the incredible thought that we met when the children were nine and six. They are twenty and seventeen now!

We have shared much over all those home educating years. The successes. The struggles and concerns. So much laughter and fun. And the downright awful days when we wondered if we were mad or not and everyone was throwing tantrums, us as much as the children!

During those home educating years we have done an enormous amount of activities together with the children; been ice skating, watched Shakespeare plays, had picnics, been to the London museums, done field trips, been wall climbing (actually we left that to the kids), done various experiments, had home educators’ parties, made an awful lot of mess during art and craft with different groups of people, been to workshops, worked an allotment, seen each other through bereavements; both pets and people, and as well as all that the children actually got some academic work done, learnt how to read, how to do maths, how to write, although occasionally along the way we wondered if they ever would achieve any of these things.

There were times, we remembered, when she felt her eldest would never knuckle down and do some serious study – we all worry about that with our kids.

But yesterday she had a text from him to say that he had won the prize for the highest marks of any student in his first year at university last year. How cool is that!

Home educated kids rock, don’t they!


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