Blackberry way of life!

More on picking a Blackberry… not the phone type of blackberry; the real thing.

The last of the summer fruits tease me from the hard to reach part of the brambles as I walk past. They hang down in the nettles off the derelict barn wall and tumble up over the remains of the tiled roof. And of course, it’s always the blackest, shiniest, most tempting of fruits just out of reach that you want most of all.

As I was risking falling into the entire bramble patch by stretching up further and further, it struck me that picking blackberries is just like living a life really. The richest pickings; both blackberries and life’s successes, have to be strived for. And just like those tempting berries that are almost out of reach success never comes without a few stings and scratches along the way.

But actually, stings are scratches always heal. And life’s successes are always that much sweeter for having surmounted difficulties to achieve them.

I pondered that as I licked the scratches clean of blood and blackberry juice, enjoying the ripest, biggest berries ever. The harder the struggle; the sweeter the success. We should not be put off from trying to reach our dreams just because there are a few brambles in the way!


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