A rich home education

It’s so great when I get feedback on the things I’ve written letting me know that it’s helped, both here and on articles or about the book. Nothing like a compliment to urge me on! But it also reassures me that I’m on the right track (or should that be; write track). After all – that’s why I write – to help families with their home education or to think in different ways about their children’s learning. To help folks see beyond the institutional box.

One of the themes that has come up on several occasions is the idea that only the rich can afford to home educate. But I want to reassure you that this is not the case.

Admittedly money can make life easier. But it doesn’t always make it better. And it doesn’t always follow that it will make education better either!

I know home educating families that manage on one (sometimes very low) income just so that they can provide their children with a happy learning experience when their school fails to do so. Many home educating families (like us) don’t use expensive tutors, don’t splash out on expensive materials, and may live in a way some might see as impoverished.

Yet they provide a rich and varied, inspirational and successful education and life for their kids by their own creative, broad minded approach. An approach that goes beyond the more traditional, often mind numbing, heavily academic one children get when confined in school.

The richness of the world is all around our children. All they need are devoted adults who have the time and energy to bring it to their attention and they will become educated. And many families go without other material things in order to do just that.

I do so hope that parents understand that home schooling isn’t only for wealthy families. Wealth in education is about the mind and the spirit, not about material things. And it is in the entrepreneurial spirit of home education that the wealth lies.

Educational should be inspirational. It is not material wealth that makes it so. It is the experiences of the learners. That is the way in which home educators, whatever their income, make it so rich and successful.


One thought on “A rich home education

  1. How true! We’re definitely not wealthy in the material sense but our family and education life is indeed very rich because of our choice to home educate!

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