Thanks to the kindness of relatives putting us up for a few days we are able to take a holiday away. The doleful dog goes off to the kennels, swapping her rabbit runs for canine company. And the cats have to fend for themselves, with friends popping in to top up the feeds and remove any corpses from the kitchen carpet, hopefully before we return.

And we swap these endless rural vistas that are our daily sustenance for that familiar city bustle that I grew up with, which now makes such a welcome change instead of being a daily chore.

It’s funny, isn’t it? It’s normally the other way round for holidays; folks coming from the city to the country…we do it in reverse. Our holiday is to experience of the press of people, feast of shops, the noise and the gabble and the fumes. We tube travel and people watch and fill ourselves up with a bit of city buzz. Best of all; posh coffee.

Then, when we’ve had our fill, we journey back to our oasis again where, the minute I unfold myself from the miles in the car, I am filled by the delectable aroma of the earth, the harvest and the briny tide.

Happy holidays!


One thought on “Holidays

  1. Hope you have a fab time, Ross. Are you off to London then? I used to live there, in my student days, & visit my sister weekends in Bournemouth. Now I live in Bournemouth & ‘do’ days out to London with the family *L*
    Joy x

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