Life With The Lid Off

I’ve been catching up with some reading; trying to take a break from all the thinking and writing that buffets my mind like waves on a rough sea. But it’s really only research for my own writing – there’s no getting away from it…then I find a gem and am transported from the everyday stuff through a book which feels as good as a holiday.

‘Life With The Lid Off’ by Nicola Hodgkinson

is about a single mum coping with her three kids in a cottage in Suffolk whilst holding onto her dream off hitching up her gypsy caravan and heading for the open road. Despite the hardship of single parenting we so often hear about there is no whinging in this book; it is a positive and uplifting story, interlaced with episodes from her childhood, so sweetly written. It concludes as her children move on from home and the opportunity to follow her dream reappears. And it is so full of optimism and hope there is perhaps a hidden message for the rest of us to stop whinging about our lot, as we sometimes fall prey to doing, and make the best of blessings we so often overlook!


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