Time with your child

Have you seen Becky Goddard Hill’s book ‘How To Afford Time off With Your Baby’? http://babybudgeting.co.uk/about-the-book/book-overview

It’s so lovely to see a whole book devoted to pro-time with child, rather than attempts to get away from it and the trials of child care. Because it can be done – you might have to give up some of the things money can buy that you take for granted, but it’s worth it. Because time with a child is more valuable to them than some of the things you need money for; more valuable than toys, gadgets and games, more valuable than extra lessons or designer labels, more valuable than holidays at Disneyland. Holidays at Disneyland are not necessarily an indication you’re committed to your child. Giving them your time is.

Although I’m the first to uphold that mums do need time to themselves, there does need to be a balance, and that’s what this guest post by Deborah Dooley on Becky’s blog is all about: http://babybudgeting.co.uk/2010/07/mums-for-ever

It’s hard being a mum – or a dad – and there is probably only one thing harder (not counting the gallant single mums here) and that’s being a home educating mum. It requires a commitment that exceeds normal parenting! But, again, it’s worth it. It’s worth managing on an extremely tight budget (okay – penniless!) so that your kids can have an education that is suited to them if the one they’re receiving in school is not. It’s worth your time and energy. It’s worth managing on very little.

It’s surprising how much we can really do without. You don’t need much to be comfortable. A warm loving family, who are committed to each other, does not need to be built around money. And it’s important your kids get the message that money isn’t everything. Love is!

Time with your child is worth more than money. Time truly lets them know how much you think they’re worth!


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