Love your parenting while you can!

Had a lovely ‘holiday’ week with my eldest home from uni. Seems an age since those early hungerings after she left last Autumn and we had a new life adjustment – such is always the case with parenting.

It was lovely to have her back – freed from the weighty burden of end-of-term deadlines, doing her own cooking and washing up – even after other students – how awful is that! I managed to keep my lips clamped firmly together whilst she complained about having to do what us parents have been doing for the last twenty years. Such is a parent’s lot!

We had a beautiful week. Sipping coffee in tea rooms, scouring charity shops, picnics by the water. Even a moment’s paddling in the sea where we contemplated throwing cares to the waves and jumping in in our underwear. I think she could have been persuaded but I was a bit reluctant to bare my white and jelly body bits in front of a lithe and smooth young woman who now outdoes me in everything particularly youth and beauty…Such is a parent’s lot! Besides there’s nowhere safe for the car keys in my knickers; good excuse that.

Then the week is over and her vibrant student life snatches her back again from our ageing arms and I am left with the cleaning up she was complaining so bitterly about.

And I love it really. For I know it’s a sign of the pleasure of having kids in your life, measured now by the fact that these times soon end. You can never imagine, as a new young parent besotted with a baby and toddler and infant, when you’re up to your armpits with laundry and meals and car runs, then drinks cans, moodswings and rebellion, that everything always ends, changes, moves on and you will miss tripping over those stinking trainers, knotted tights round the washer and waiting anxiously in the small hours to hear them come safely home.

Such is a parent’s lot.

Love it all while you can!


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