Antidote to national gloom!

When the summer sings outside my window, it’s very hard to stay indoors! When the roses reveal their shining faces and perfumes that call me out into the garden, it’s very hard to stay in and write. And when their pale moonlit blooms beam at me in the dusk and the briny aroma of sundried shoreline wafts into the night time bedroom along with the scent of the honeysuckle it’s very hard to sleep.

Such bounty this burst of good weather brings. Such a National boost I feel it should be declared a holiday so we can all go out in it and recharge our health from all the gloom of oilspills, budgets, war and football! It would save the Health Service millions if we had a break while the weather’s good to partake of the health benefits of these natural medicines which are completely free.

For wherever you are the blue sky is above your head, even if only on your way to work, there are flowers everywhere even if only in other people’s gardens, council flower beds and market stalls, and the serenades of birdsongs from bushes and garden walls, rooftops and chimney pots can be heard whether in city or country. All free. All available wherever you live, whatever you’re doing, if you just notice them and spend a mindful moment absorbing their benefits.

A natural tonic – make the most of it!


2 thoughts on “Antidote to national gloom!

  1. Wow Ross!! Such eloquence! If I wasn’t so bowled over by the beauty of your first paragraph, I’d be jealous ;o)
    And it is so true, what you say, this glorious weather with all the flowers in bloom & lovely bird-song really is soul-soothing 😀
    Joy x

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