Free Schools – homeschool!

Wow! What a shake up the ‘Free Schools’ debate is going to create.

Of course, home educators have been forging the way for the concept of free schooling for years. It’s just that many people haven’t been aware of it, of this quiet revolution in the way we approach the education of our children.

What is really needed, really really needed, is for folks to be able to distinguish between ‘education’ and ‘school’ and understand how they are separate things and do not necessarily have to be linked.

As we progress with using the Internet as a learning resource we may eventually begin to understand that schools and teachers are not essential to an education, although support and guidance from a motivational and inspiring adult certainly is. But that doesn’t necessarily need a school to achieve. Children can be successfully educated without any form of school.

One bit of good it may do is to get those parents who are not already involved, to understand that their children are their responsibility – and that goes for education too, and they cannot opt out of that just because their children reach school age. It is surely a sign of parental neglect that the government seems to feel the need to offer in schools the things that would have once been considered a parent’s responsibility. Things like; citizenship, community and environmental responsibility, sex education, etc.

It will be interesting to see how the arguments progress. It will be interesting to see whether it will also persuade more people to home educate and opt out of the school approach altogether!


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