As home educators there is still one thing that we constantly strive for even though our children have moved from home based learning onto further and higher education. And that is; understanding.

To most people home educating is a very weird way to bring up your children and all normal and sensible parents send their children to school. Yet to us, after years of home educating, it was that which became the norm and it is the process of schooling which seems completely bizarre!

But, in fact, whether these approaches are normal or bizarre is not what matters.

What matters is understanding that these two completely different approaches to education do exist and can exist side by side. And recognising that home education can be just as valuable, just as successful, just as workable as school can be. And that home educated children move forward successfully into a future life just as school children do.

What matters is understanding that home education is ‘normal’ to many, many families now and it would be really heartening to have that more widely recognised.

There’s a new magazine that is making valiant attempts to do just this:  (Click on the magazine link to the left of the site).

It’s a brilliant attempt to bring home education to a wider public and try and demystify it. To bring information and insight to an almost invisible and definitely undervalued approach to children’s learning.

At the moment it’s online only, hoping to progress from there. But if you’re a home educator, or a parent concerned about your child’s schooling, or anyone reading this, do take a look and become another person who furthers their understanding and recognition of the incredible work home educating families do!


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