Schools V Academies!

So – there’s going to be a massive shake up in the schools system then, with the change to more schools opting out of state control and becoming ‘academies’!


I added my comment on the website but doubt if it’ll get put there since I mentioned I was a home educator and the BBC are ‘The Establishment’. So I guess like many people from establishment they no doubt tend to think of home educators in the same way folks used to think about Travellers or anyone outside the system – as highly suspect!

Outside the capitalist system, that is. Because our education system is based in capitalism really and although it needs to go some way down that path to meet the need of the majority, we’ve gone so far that it fails to meet the fundamental human needs of the individual to be educated as a whole person with a soul, not just as an academic with money as the sole ambition!

So I believe a shake-up of the system is badly needed. We need to recognise that it’s time for an education system that is as diverse as its recipients and move away from the factory-farming style we have now and which is killing diversity.

We need to trust that the staff, who deal with learners on a day to day basis, face to face, can respond to their learners in an appropriate way because they know who their learners are, rather than the generic way dictated by the state who have no idea who individual learners are.

We need to de-centralise education and make it personal, which is what it needs to be if it’s going to be any good.

It’s time to recognise that it is often the idiosyncrasies of teachers and teaching that makes them good and they cannot be centralised or generic like the state wants them to be. That doesn’t work with the human psyche any more than it works to generalise all learners.

The state controlled system is fine for those for whom it works. But there are thousands of learners for whom it doesn’t work; too many learners come off the state production line never reaching their individual potential simply because they’ve never been recognised as an individual in the first instance!

Maybe individualising schools a little more will help to stop that happening, who knows. There’s bound to be teething problems. But I sometimes think that, for those who are so miserably failed by the current state system, it couldn’t get a lot worse.


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