Aren’t teenagers amazing!

Aren’t the grown-up teenagers wonderful? You don’t get to hear a lot of positives about them but I think so many of them do so brilliantly considering the stress that’s heaped on them, particularly at this time of the year.

At a time in their life when hormonal changes have thrown them into mega identity crises and emotional shakeovers, they are having to deal with life changing decisions and monumental exam loads as well. I think it’s amazing they don’t crack up under the strain – I feel like cracking up for them and I’m only watching!

They go through so much. Many of them are wading through exams right now, where grades hang over them like a sentence for their future. Throughout the year there will have been the university trawl, interviews, applications to Unis which UCAS is supposed to make easier but I’m not so sure it does. Then there’s the online wrestle with student finance when the ‘computer says no’ much of the time, various departments keep sending forms you’ve either already filled in or are not applicable, and the whole process is a similar nightmare to tax returns. There’s accommodation to sort and the worry of that. And finally the prospect of trawling CVs round endless businesses, wondering how they’re going to finance their summer when the usual student jobs are filled by immigrants.

As well as all this emotive hassle there’s parents, teachers, society getting on at them from all sides about their work, their dress, their bedrooms, their behaviour, their nocturnal habits and who’s turn it is to clear the dishes.

Looking at all of that heaped upon them it’s incredible that they’re not mental. Well, they are actually, it’s been proven that their brains are unwired for a time through teenage years. But that aside, I think they’re actually pretty amazing.

Let’s hear it for the teenagers!


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