available parenting!

I think I’ve gone out for a walk to get away from it all!

As I stride happily down the fields towards the marsh the Larks are singing, distant boats rise with the tide and on the landward side the scent of rapeseed flowers fills the air. All is peace. Except I have my mobile in my pocket.

First text: ‘hey mum finished college 4 the day can u pik me up now’

Second text; second daughter, now away from home: ‘Hey, mum, fancy a chat, can u cal me’

Such is the nature of parenting these days when we are ever available in a way former generations never had to deal with. And sometimes I’ve been wondering whether this is always a good thing!

There were three evacuees from wartime Britain on the BBC news this morning. Two of three siblings photographed in 1941, split from their parents and their homes during the war. They were asked if they remembered how they felt. I was wondering how on earth their parents felt!

And I was also wondering how we would cope today with our children being wrenched from us without contact, instead of being constantly in touch as we can be. Makes you think doesn’t it?

So I about turn, as the Larks still sing, the Yellow Hammer calls and the tide seeps nearer. And I pace back home again thinking; would I ever have it any other way?

No. And anyway, I can always leave the mobile at home. The parents of evacuees had no such choices!

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