The Three Stooges

Oh Dear! Who the hell am I gonna vote for?

I’ve watched and listened to the Three Stooges doing television which brings a whole new celeb perspective to politics and one which I could quite frankly do without. MPs now have to be performers as well as politicians but then, I suppose they always were!

The three seemed all the same; they all speak words but say nothing. They all back-bite and twist each other’s words as skilfully as barristers do in a court of law in order to distort the truth and get folks to give themselves away. They manipulate meaning so you no longer know what you can trust. And they talk about poverty in complete ignorance of what poverty is and as if it was just poverty of money we had to worry about when poverty in family life, poverty of education, poverty of employment and poverty of mind and intellect, kindness and love is where the real harm lies.

Do what you do out of love, I once read. It can solve and heal so much. I reckon it’s nearer the truth than we think. These days we are in poverty because we do what we do for money and celebrity and statistics not because of love and respect and honour.

Did I see love, respect and honour on the telly last night? NO. If the Three Stooges were there because they loved their work they gave a poor impression of it. They gave a poor impression of respect and honour as they tried to do each other down, score points and win favours.

Respect is an essential part of love. I have no respect, faith or trust in any of them. Is it politics or performances we are voting for?


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