Rural Life: Spring attack.

I thought going for a daily walk would benefit my health. But there’s times lately it’s nearly given me a heart attack!

I’m mooching along happily, scuffing through the thickening spring grass thinking up ideas, when I suddenly realise the dog’s onto something. She chases off manically along the side of the dyke between the fields. It takes a second’s lag then I belt off after her for there, swimming along the bottom, is a mother duck and a cluster of little ducklings obviously new to the world let alone the threat of dogs!

By now I’m in full sprint, screaming frantically at the dog who leaps down the dykeside towards her target, bloodlust clear in her attitude. I don’t know whether it’s just that our dog’s well trained (questionable) or it was the terror of this mad woman bearing down on her like something possessed , shrieking at the top of her voice, that made her come to me rather than snap up a duckling. But thankfully she did and I clipped on the lead and stood a while cooing over the newborns whilst my heartbeat restored itself to normal.

This happens quite a lot at this time of the year when life is new and bursting. Yesterday it was a deer she took off after. But after the initial surge of my blood pressure I knew she was in no hope of catching it so stood and watched whilst she gave chase. She came back to me panting so hard her tongue nearly touched the floor and legs trembling. Another time it was a group of young partridges that set us both a-flutter, me gasping out shrieks and screams to shock her into listening, heart beating fit to burst. I kept hold while the partridge family made their escape and for the rest of the walk as I couldn’t stand the surprises any more however cute they are.

Spring may be full of wonders but I’m beginning to think there’s a chance it could well be the death of me if these wonders are not kept better hidden!


One thought on “Rural Life: Spring attack.

  1. Oh Ross, I’m sorry but I have to confess to giggling while reading this — the image of you racing along, screaming ;o)
    We don’t have dogs but do ‘suffer’ similar with our 2 cats. They chase birds, bugs, butterflies, falling blossoms, each other… Managed to rescue a still-alive mouse the other week but hubby had the unenviable job of clearing away pigeon carcass a couple of days ago.
    I too find all this new life wonderment quite stressful! xx

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