Rural Life: the great deceiver!

It’s a bit of a struggle cranking up to work again after a break. Especially when the sun is shouting at me to come outdoors, promising treats of health and happiness after the bad weather doldrums of winter weeks.

But despite the sun, Spring is a bit of a deceiver really. The sky may be jewel bright and sunshine brimming on absolutely everything, spring flowers a flurry of wind blown colour, with lambs and ducklings and nest building birds all to be enjoyed. But the minute I stick my nose out it’s pinched by wicked Easterlies blowing straight off the sea.

So I have to keep the layers on yet a while to enjoy the awesome sight of migrating birds drifting across the tide like billowing summer laundry. Keep wrapped when marvelling the spectacular fenland dawns and sundowns. And find shelter behind the hedges for family picnics with the gloves on!

But chilly breezes are little price to pay for such outdoor treats, suddenly all the more appealing when the work schedules loom!


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