Rural Life: Intoxicated!

I am intoxicated!

I am drunk on Spring. High on sunshine and light and at last the mildness that allows my world to extend beyond the living room and living in layers. I can move and flex outdoors and breathe in the sweet soil scents rather than gasping at the frosty chill of the last months.

No longer huddling from knife edged cold I am high on the smooth touch of mild breezes and the sky filled, song filled air as Larks wing it all day, every day, singing their hearts out for a mate. I drink in the aromatic combination of drying land, ploughed earth, silt and sea that tastes briny on the tongue. And am dizzy with delight at the sight of those burgeoning buds and pure sunshine daffodils.

After such a waiting, after such a long frigid winter, I’m out there at every opportunity gulping it like an addict. I cannot satiate my appetite for the wideness of the dramatic Spring skies full of light then lowering showers, the brazen wilful greens bursting forth all over, the serenades of birdsong. And finally the sight of those two Dove lovers sat snuggled together on the branch outside our windows. Makes me snuggle closer to my man on the settee!

I love it! My sap fairly rushes through my veins too.

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