Need or want?

I’ve been busy writing stories lately. It makes a nice change from education, even though education is something I’m that passionate about I could break bones over the way it’s been messed up in this country.

But like everyone else there are bills to pay. Living on one income whilst home educating was something we chose to do, but it would be nice now to wear something other than the clothes we wore before it all started!

I don’t really need much to keep me happy. Just give me simple food, warm shelter, basics for living. Plus some natural places to dip into regularly for the sake of my wellbeing. And finally the strength to keep from being lured into want by clever advertising and celeb culture thrust into the living space by the telly.

I lived for ages without telly. But family pressure, plus the feeling it was so much part of culture now it perhaps needed to be included in our home educating home, and I gave in. I have to say I was as eager as anyone to toss myself down in front of it after a demanding day home schooling.

But it’s insidious. It creeps into your psyche in a way that’s difficult to control sometimes, creating a hunger to have and a sense of not being good enough compared to these botoxed faces, model figures with clothes to match and accessories to life we’re told we can’t possibly do without.

We can pig-out on TV without noticing we’ve overindulged and then wonder why our spirits are so unwell. Like with food, excess does us no favours. And we lose the distinction between need and want.

There is much we did without in order to home educate. But sometimes being hard up does us a favour; you certainly have to be inventive! There was no decision to be made as to whether to have an Xbox or not, visit Disneyland or not, whether to have Reeboks or Shoefare’s cheapest; budget dictated. But it made me realise that, because we are all so relatively well off nowadays, parents are under continuous pressure to make conscious decisions about indulging our kids, whether it’s food, TV, labels, or the latest technological Must-haves! We have to make conscious choices to abstain sometimes for the sake of our souls. It takes some effort!

However, I’m wondering how much my wellbeing is impaired by having to wear the same old clothes and would like the chance to try out the alternative! So back to the writing…


One thought on “Need or want?

  1. Have to admit I do enjoy a bit of TV but tend to hit the ‘mute’ button when the adverts come on *L*
    There are things we’ve done without as well, with hubby the only one working but we’re lucky with our boys, they don’t really whinge on about wanting things & they know they have to save up for the stuff they want.
    MY big weakness — books & craft!!! My clothes are getting a tad threadbare but I’ll always come back with a book instead of an item of clothing ;o) x

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