Vision of schools

People think because I’m a home educator I’d be anti-school, but I’m not!

You might find that surprising, but to be anti school would be to take a very narrow view. And if there’s one thing you have to be as a home educator it is broad minded!

I’m also not anti-school because to be anti-school would be to dismiss the fact that many schools do so many good things for so many children and I am all in favour of that.

What I am perhaps anti – if I am anti anything – is the fact that many people will not acknowledge that the school system does not work for every single child. I am anti the fact that educational systems, polices and processes try and make all children fit one pattern when that is absolutely impossible as anyone in their right mind would see, if they open their eyes enough to notice the diversity of our children, the diversity of their backgrounds and their abilities.

As far as I see it, what goes on through schooling is the same as trying to process us all to be racing drivers – and making those of us who can’t into failures. Since what we’ve done is set up a system that processes all children in the same way towards the same outcome irrespective of their diversity.

In actual fact, even as a home-schooler, I am pro-school (and I may lose a lot of friends saying that!) but my vision of school is something different to what we have.

It is a vision of a place where our young people want to go because it is so appealing in the way it answers their individual needs and desire to learn, where they can be with enthusiastic, inspiring, intelligent adults who like young people and who will encourage them to develop and grow in ways suited to their diversity not just ways suited to league tables, setting good examples of behaviour and integrity and trust, thus being models our youngsters could aspire to be, in a safe, non-threatening, stimulating, respectful environment that has no political agenda and where there is choice other than that which just suits adults.

That is my vision of what schools ought to be. That is fundamentally what they need to be in order to be successful for all our children. Who would not be pro-that?


One thought on “Vision of schools

  1. Have to say, I totally agree with you, Ross. When I’ve discussed ‘school being a good thing’ with my boys — & gotten past their distate! — I usually cite the examples of schools in third world countries, or war-torn countries, where school is usually the only thing that’s constant & safe for the children, where they’re encouraged to learn & to grow without being sidetracked by SATs & other rubbish! Oh, to have a government that’s brave enough to make the change that would make a real difference.
    Joy x

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