Where did the time go?

It’s amazing! One minute I’m holding a tiny new baby in my arms with absolute wonderment and awe, wondering how any such miracle could possibly be. And the next I’m visiting said baby in her student digs and walking arm in arm through the city, with a magnificent young lady on my arm who has a beauty and sophistication about her that I could only dream of.

So where did the bit in the middle go, I wonder?

I must have had it. For there are certain events that my memory can excavate from the peat of time. Events like first teeth and starting school. Then home educating and exciting days with other families who’d also stepped off the school conveyor belt. Overcoming traumas like illness and losing loved ones, gaining grades and moving house. Then her moving to her new digs. And now I visit her, happy with her new ‘family’ of housemates and marvel that this has come of that tiny baby who was once no bigger than her teddy and I had no inkling it was to be.

And the only sign, perhaps, that this baby once existed is that same teddy, looking a little life worn now, sitting upon her bed!


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