Home education discrimination

I think I’m deafening the dog. When I look in the rear view mirror I see a depressed mutt with her ears clamped to the side of her head and doleful jowls. This because I have blaring dance music beating through the car so loud it vibrates through my bottom. And I’m sitting on a cushioned seat; goodness knows what it’s like for the dog in the back. I’m not sure whether she’s just shivering or vibrating in time to the beat!

The reason is I’m blasting away the boredom of the extra forty miles a day I’m suddenly having to do on the road, thanks to the council deciding home educated children shouldn’t have the bus passes school children have. So our student can’t get on the bus to college! How crazy is that? How green is that decision?

But it’s fairly normal. Despite professing to support all children – Every Child Matters and all that tosh the government puts out – at council level they do not. There are still ways that families are penalised for home educating, even though home education is successful and sometimes saves both the education and the life of children for whom school doesn’t work. Home educators also save the councils money by not using their place in schools, yet have to pay all costs themselves, including fees for GCSEs and other exams.

I’ve said before, NO CHILD SHOULD SUFFER FOR AN EDUCATION. It is also true that home educated children shouldn’t suffer discrimination either There are more and more families turning to home education as children become less and less happy in schools and parents less and less satisfied with what goes on there. It’s time the success of the ground-breaking work home educating families do in their approaches to learning was recognised. There is so much the government could learn from them to make their policies better, let alone support them with the occasional bus pass!

As for the poor old dog, I suppose I should ease her suffering too and turn it down a bit. And make it up to her with a nice peaceful walk down the fields where I now doubly appreciate the silence!


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