Awesome elements

I’m squatting in the hedge bottom out of the whip of the weather writing this to transpose to computer when I get back. You’ll be thinking I’m stark staring bonkers to come out in this gale-cum-blizzard let alone be writing in it – the dog thinks so too. But it’s so totally awesome out here I knew that I’d want to scribble.

The pen’s too cold to write, my hands are too cold to hold the pen, and the only parts of me that are warm are those fat bits you get at the top of your thighs that rub together as you walk creating a nice heated friction.

But it’s still awesome! It’s not because we’ve been so snowbound that if I didn’t get out and let off steam I was in danger of breaking things. It’s because of the incredible landscape, the incredible natural elements and the power they have to invigorate me.

The Easterlies scream over the hedge but I am sheltered enough here to be able to lift my head and admire it. The unrelenting winds have scoured the snow off the top layer of land and now tips of grass and stalks and furrows add colour to white grazed eyes; mottles of dark on the blanket of white that’s sometimes too glary to focus on.

The ice-tight land seems immobilised. The only evidence of life are the tracks and trails of animal footprints and the flit of little birds fluffed up with cold, taking a peep at who’s sharing their bushes. You can hardly imagine the buds and bulbs and nest-building that soon will be taking place in this frozen world.

Huge skeins of geese drift across the racing grey skies, whirling like the stirred pot I’ve left on the cooker for when I get back. The noise of the wind drowns out their calling as another dramatic blizzard strides across the landscape, rocks the bushes and blots out the view.  

I love the exhilarating rush of it! Better than a sauna any day for tingling the skin. The sky turns yellow before dark and it’s time I moved before I’m frozen in this position. I’m losing contact with my toes as well now!

But I’ll wait for this one to pass, I think. Then tuck my chin back down again, emerge from my shelter and struggle my way back, hoping to keep upright, to see if the soup’s yet done!


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